The Crystal Collector's Journal

The Crystal Collector&

The Crystal Collector's Journal

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Calling all crystal lovers! Whether you are a novice to crystal healing or an experienced crystal collector, the 'Crystal Collector's Journal' is for you.

As crystals continue to grow in popularity, you can now find them everywhere, from grocery stores to clothing stores, and all over the internet. You may find yourself amassing a collection of crystals you deeply connected with at the time you acquired them; but over the years you may forget not only their names, but what initially connected you to them.

The "Crystal Collector's Journal' is here to help you prevent that loss of connection over time by helping you intentionally connect to the energy of the crystals. The journal will prompt you to add:

- Where/from whom you acquired the crystal

- A sketch of the crystal

- The mental/spiritual/physical benefits of the crystal

- Any interesting facts about the crystals

- Details about its physical appearance

and so much more information that will assist you in maintaining a relationship with the crystals in your collection for the long haul.

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