Crystal Worry Stone

Crystal Worry Stone

Crystal Worry Stone

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Replace stress with a Crystal Worry Stone! Experience genuine gemstones in your hand, tailored with a thumb-sized dimple for maximum comfort. Pick one of many calming alternatives to find serenity. Choose from the following options: 

Amethyst -Inspires spiritual protection, purification, meditation, and fights negative influences.

Black Obsidian - Guards against negative energies, improve clarity and intuition, enhance psychic abilities, create a grounding energy, and facilitate spirit-communication.

Bloodstone - Assists in finding courage, enhance faith and trust, and promote self-sufficiency. 

Green Aventurine - Aids with optimism, confidence, positivity, prosperity, and healing the heart.

Rainbow Moonstone - Used to aid in new beginnings, self-discovery, strengthen intuition, emotional stability and promote inspiration. 

Red Aventurine - Inspires action, soothes temperaments, and absorbs electromagnetic energies while providing protection. 

Red Jasper - Aids with physical strength, vitality, energy stabilization, and negative body experiences.

Rose Quartz - Inspires self-love, gentleness, emotional recovery, stress release, and unity.

Snowflake Obsidian - Inspires perseverance, insight, healing energy and helps to overcome self-doubt. 

Sodalite - Brings intuitive abilities, enhanced cognitive performance while reducing stress and anxiety.

Sunstone - Aids with leadership, benevolence, strength, abundance, and enlightened energy. 

Tiger's Eye - Inspires balance, vitality, strength, creativity, fairness, and relationship harmony.

Yellow Aventurine - Inspires optimism, creativity, prosperity, self-reflection, and balances yin yang energy.

 RhodoniteRhodonite crystal inspires compassion, love, generosity, altruism and healing. 

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