Ancestor Money | Gratitude | Blessings | Ancestor Veneration

Ancestor Money | Gratitude | Blessings | Ancestor Veneration

Ancestor Money | Gratitude | Blessings | Ancestor Veneration

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Ancestor money isn't just paper; it's a bridge across time, connecting you to the wisdom and love of those who came before. Burn these specially designed notes as a way to:

    • Express Gratitude: Show your appreciation for their guidance, protection, and sacrifices.
    • Seek Blessings: Invite their wisdom and support into your life for current challenges and aspirations.
    • Strengthen Connection: Deepen your ancestral bonds and feel their presence even more profoundly.
    • Honor Traditions: Carry on cultural practices that connect you to your heritage.

Instructions for Use:

    1. Set Your Intention: Quiet your mind and focus on what you wish to communicate with your ancestors. Is it gratitude, a specific request, or simply strengthening your connection.
    2. Prepare Your Space: Choose a clean, well-ventilated area. Consider using incense or creating a small altar with offerings of food, flowers, or other meaningful items.
    3. Light the Ancestor Money: With respect and focus, light one or more bills while holding your intention in mind.You can use a candle lighter or incense embers.
    4. Offer Your Message: As the money burns, silently or aloud express your gratitude, request, or simply your love and connection.
    5. Release the Ashes: Let the ashes gently disperse in the wind or collect them respectfully to bury in a meaningful location.
    6. Be mindful of fire safety and local regulations regarding burning practices.

By honoring your ancestors with this meaningful ritual, you open yourself to their love, wisdom, and guidance, enriching your life and strengthening your family's legacy.

Pack of ~50 bills.

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