Assorted Crystal Pendants

Assorted Crystal Pendants

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Upgrade your style with these beautiful crystal pendants! With high-quality materials, these pendants are sure to last and make a great addition to any collection. Choose from the following options:

Carnelian - Aids with courage, confidence, goals, and dreams while helping to overcome fear. This crystal pendant helps amplify the power of positive thinking so you can confidently pursue your goals.

Labradorite - Aids in visualization and healing emotional states. It helps to promote clarity of thought and inner balance, making it a helpful tool in meditation and healing practices.

Rose Quartz - Inspires self-love, gentleness, emotional recovery, stress release, and unity. These beautiful crystals may aid in bringing a sense of balance and connection within one's self. They can help to foster a more positive inner dialogue and access to greater relaxation, joy, and unity.

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