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Ancestor Reading

A look at your ancestral line and how it's changed over time - making you who you are today.

Duration: 60 minutes

Chakra Reading

See how each of your 7 main chakras are functioning and what's currently influencing them.

*Soul Star Chakra add-on - Your Soul Star is your connection to your Higher Self and the Akashic Record. This addition will tell you what was written before you were born.

*Earth Star Chakra  add-on- Your Earth Star Chakra connects you directly with Gaia. This addition tells me how you can better ground your energy and connection with the planet and her inhabitants.

Duration: 60 minutes or 90 minutes w/add-on

Energy Cleansing

 Dexx uses different herbs and healing waters to cleanse off outward energies that may be impacting your peace and inner balance.

Duration: 15 minutes

General Intuitive Reading

 I use my psychic senses to deliver a message for your highest good right now.

Duration: 30 minutes

Past Life Reading

Ever wondered where your soul has been? My "Past Life Reading" takes a look at your soul's record, accessing one of your previous lives and the effect it's having on the present.

Duration: 60 minutes

Queendom Crystal Reading

A reading guided by your intuition. Discover which crystals you're drawn to, and I'll tell you why.

*Purchase includes two crystals maximum value $7 each.

Duration: 60 minutes

Virtual Reading

Through Virtual Readings, Dexx is able to connect with people who either can't physically make it into the shop or live outside of Las Vegas.

The services provided are determined by the length of the session. For example, General Intuitive Readings are 20-30 minutes so you'd have to book a 30-minute Virtual. Past Life and Ancestral Readings are an hour so you'll have to book an hour-long session for those services. The default app used for Virtuals is Zoom, though Google Meet and Skype are options. A link will be sent at least 10 minutes prior to the session, to the email used during purchase.

Balance Reading

For those seeking inner harmony and peace. Get realigned using either the elements or ego and shadow.

Duration: 40 minutes

A Journey Through 2023 Intuitive Reading

A new year is on the horizon. This reading makes sure you're prepared for what's to come, using guidance both within and without you.

Intuitive Reading & Cleansing Combo

Dexx pulls a few cards to see what energies are affecting you and cleanses accordingly.

Aura Reading Package

Get a full look at your energetic make-up. Includes aura photo, 15-page energy report, and a reading based on the report results.