Precious Waist Beads (55 in.)

Precious Waist Beads (55 in.)

Precious Waist Beads (55 in.)

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Precious - You are a rarity, intrinsic and held in great esteem for your admirable qualities. Precious is created using delicate tiny seed beads, almost weightless. 


  • Brown is grounding, represents stability, honors your roots & your natural connection to the earth
  • Gold radiates wisdom, abundance, prosperity & wellness & strengthens one’s ability to manifest goals.


  • Root which exhibits the qualities of physical energy and vitality. Ground spirit forces in the body. Brings passion and strength to your relationships, your life, and your work.
  • Solar Plexus counters depression by lifting the soul. Promotes personal power and fulfillment, abundance, courage, and self-confidence. Manifests goals.
  • Crown is awareness of self and the world, universe, and oneness with God. Knowledge of power and self-control. Spiritual connection, fulfillment, and grounding.

      Color Symbolism Chart; Color Symbolism Chart – Duafe Designs & Waist Beads by Ayodele

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