Aspiring Herbalists Club

Aspiring Herbalists Club

Aspiring Herbalists Club

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Introducing the Aspiring Herbalist Club: Join us for a six-month series, guided by Registered Herbalist, AHG & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Carmen Adams and her Level 3 mentee, Jazmine Danielle owner of Queendom Cultivation, where we explore the diverse ways to incorporate herbs into our daily practices. 

Our club will be offered in-person and virtually. For in-person attendance everything for the workshop will be provided. Virtual attendees will need to purchase their materials separate from the ticket cost. A shopping list with links for products will be provided via email for virtual attendance.

Each month, we'll gather to delve into a new herbal creation, expanding our skills and knowledge. In the first month, we'll discover the art of crafting tinctures. In the second month, we'll explore the aromatic world of tea blending. Moving forward, we'll learn to create a pain-relieving salve in month three.

As we progress, months four, five, and six will be dedicated to our cleanse series. We'll begin with a rejuvenating colon cleanse, followed by a liver and gallbladder cleanse, and culminating in a kidney and gallbladder cleanse. Throughout the series, all the necessary materials will be provided, ensuring a seamless experience for our participants.

To conclude our transformative journey, we'll celebrate with a three-day plant medicine retreat in July. This exclusive retreat will be open only to members of the Aspiring Herbalist Club, allowing us to deepen our connection to nature and further explore the power of herbal remedies.

Join us on this path of holistic wellness and become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Together, let's unlock the healing potential of herbs and embrace a more vibrant and balanced lifestyle.

Not local to Las Vegas, NV? No worries, you may join the Aspiring Herbalists Club via Carmen's App - Innergy Med Group found in Apple Store & Google Play Store available January 11, 2024

This in-person & app community will not only provide you medicinal plant education but will also help you build connections with other people you never thought you will need, learn from other individuals experiences, all while having fun! 

A note from Carmen:
The Aspiring Herbalists Club is a heart-centered community meant for those "Aspiring Herbalists" who are interested in learning and practicing the Art of Herbalism. This community also holds space for YOU to learn other holistic tools for  MIND-BODY-SPIRIT with the intention of advocating for yourself, loved ones, friends, or neighbors. My hope is that if you wish to study with me, may you learn via my personalized and targeted guidance designed to help you find alignment through herbal or health specific research, beliefs that may be holding you back, and even mindset shifting concepts.  


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