Chime Candles

Chime Candles

Chime Candles

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Burn these Chime Candles to address situations based on color.

Pink: Burn to inspire new romance and restoring love

White: Burn for cleansing, protection, prayer, and positivity.

Orange: Burn for direction and influence of a targeted area in your life.

Purple: Burn for insight and during meditation.

Light Blue: Burn for truth, harmony, guidance, and creativity.

Dark Blue: Burn for tranquility, peace, and calm over any life situation.

Black: Burn to repel negative energies, protection, and banishing.

Red: Burn to inspire love and enhance a specific passion.

Yellow: Burn yellow to inspire creativity and optimism.

Green: Burn green to attract abundance.

Gold: Burn to increase abundance in your life.

Silver: Burn to aid psychic receptivity, dreaming, and rest.

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