Reiki II Certification Course - Online

Reiki II Certification Course - Online

Reiki II Certification Course - Online

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Grow your Reiki practice from the comfort of your home with our comprehensive Level 2 online certification course.

This interactive online course delves into:

  • Professional Practice Essentials:

    • Learn how to prepare for a Reiki session, including necessary supplies and creating a comfortable space.

    • Understand state laws on touch and establish ethical boundaries.

    • Discover techniques to put your client at ease and open your session with relaxation methods.

  • Advanced Reiki Techniques:

    • Master the three powerful Reiki symbols, their meanings, purposes, and applications.

    • Explore different types of energy sessions (chakra balancing, aura cleansing, full body Reiki) with and without tools.

    • Learn long-distance Reiki healing and the attunement process.

    • Develop your intuition (Reji-ho) and practice Byosen scanning (energy field assessment).

  • Building Your Reiki Business:

    • Gain insights into authenticity and branding for your practice.

    • Demystify the legalities of starting a Reiki business, including client waivers and liability insurance.

    • Learn marketing strategies to attract clients and establish a thriving practice.

This course also provides:

  • A downloadable Reiki II manual for in-depth learning.

  • Opportunities to connect with fellow students in a supportive online forum.

Aspiring professional Reiki practitioners? We've got you covered!

This course doesn't include hands-on practice with clients, but we offer separate opportunities (details provided upon enrollment) to gain the required number of client sessions for certification through:

  • Working on clients in our energy room (when available ).

  • Participating in donation-based remote Reiki events.


  • Level I Reiki certification from a recognized Reiki Master-Teacher with at least one month of practice in-between. Proof of certification required.

  • Access to a quiet space for practice and video calls.

This course empowers you to:

  • Channel higher levels of Reiki energy with the Level II attunement.

  • Effectively address deep mental and emotional issues in yourself and others.

  • Deliver Reiki treatments with confidence and clarity.

  • Build a strong foundation for a successful Reiki practice.

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