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Spring Cleaning: Energy Cleansing & Renewal

As we step into March, a month synonymous with new beginnings and the freshness of spring, our theme is all about clearing out the old to make way for the new, refreshing your space and your spirit. It's essential to cleanse not just the physical space but also the energy within it. By clearing out stagnant and negative energy, you make room for positivity and fresh beginnings.

Queendom Collection

The Queendom Collection is a line of handcrafted aromatherapy products that are curated for your spiritual wellness. Our products are reiki blessed and infused with the purest intention, helping to manifest desires and create a life of abundance. Shop now and experience the transformative power of the Queendom Collection.

Shop Our Crystals

Shop our crystal collection, curated with hundreds of ethically sourced crystals. Each crystal has been carefully selected for its unique spiritual wellness benefits, providing a range of options for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practice. Explore our collection now and discover the transformative power of crystals.

Herbs & Cleansing

Our shop features a variety of ethically harvested herbs and organic loose herbs. With options for both cleansing and relaxation, our collection offers a wide range of herbs and cleansing products to create the perfect environment in your home or workspace.

White Sage & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray | Queendom Gives Back

White Sage & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray | Queendom Gives Back

White Sage & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray | Queendom Gives Back

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Protect, cleanse, and bless your space with our handcrafted White Sage & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray. Made with organic essential oils, this spray is a modern twist on the traditional smudge ritual. Experience the good vibes in a compact, convenient, and smoke-free form!

Queendom Gives Back

Proceeds from each purchase of our White Sage & Palo Santo Sacred Smudge Spray during the month of March will benefit Heart & Sol Collective

Heart and Sol Collective Strives to make an impact on the current reproductive disparities that negatively affect the global majority.

Through full circle inclusive support services, they meet the needs of our community by offering educational workshops, doula services, lactation support, mental health services & BIPOC centered entrepreneurial opportunities and support.

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Queendom Cultivation - Locally Owned Small Business
Queendom Cultivation is Ethically Sourced
Queendom Cultivation is Black-Owned
Queendom Cultivation has a 3-7 business day turn-around time
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