Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

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Our Soul Care subscription box features products intended to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Each month we will change out the theme of the box and its contents.

This month, celebrate the longest day of the year and cultivate inner balance with our Yin-Yang themed soul care box, "Harmony in Duality." Just like the summer solstice embodies both light and darkness and the sunshine needs the coolness of night for contrast, we all have a light side and a shadow side. Did you know that even within July itself, we experience a beautiful shift from Yin to Yang energy? Look at what happens when we transition from Cancer to Leo season. This box empowers you to embrace all aspects of yourself, shadows and light. 

Here's a closer look at the treasures waiting to brighten your July:

  • Yin & Yang Journal & Pen: This beautifully designed journal features 30 journaling prompts specifically crafted to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Explore themes of light and shadow, excavate your strengths and vulnerabilities, and ultimately integrate these aspects into a more balanced and empowered you. The included pen invites you to freely express your thoughts and emotions, fostering deeper self-awareness.

  • Yin-Yang Bracelet: Let this beautiful bracelet be a constant reminder of the seasonal dance of light and dark. Howlite, with its calming energy, represents your Yang – that introspective, intuitive voice inside you, like the quiet stillness of winter. Black onyx, a stone of strength and intuition, embodies your Yang – the go-getter, action-oriented side, like the vibrant energy of summer. 

  • Black & White Chime Candle Pair: By using our yin (black) and yang (white) chime candles together, you can create a personal ritual to restore balance within yourself. Light the white candle during the day to energize and uplift your spirit. Set an intention to enhance your creativity, focus, and overall well-being. Light the black candle at night to unwind and release negativity. As you light the candle, set an intention to release negativity, anxieties, or emotional blockages. Focus on finding inner peace and acceptance.

  • Black Obsidian Sphere & Keychain Cage: This powerful stone is known for helping you confront and release negativity, and reveal those shadows that might be holding you back. The smooth, black sphere is perfect for meditation or just holding while you chat with your shadow self. Keep it close with the included keychain cage – a reminder that facing your shadow takes courage, but the rewards are amazing.

  • Shadow & Light Balance Mist with Rainbow Moonstone: This aromatherapy mist is like a breath of fresh, balancing air. The essential oil blend is specially chosen to help you integrate your light and shadow aspects, just like the changing seasons help us integrate different aspects of ourselves. Spritz it around your space as you work through your journal prompts or meditate with your black obsidian sphere. The rainbow moonstone, known for its balancing properties, gives the mist an extra boost of harmonious vibes. Inhale the calming scent and feel your inner world coming into beautiful alignment, just like the Earth finds balance in the dance of light and dark throughout the year.

This summer, embrace all that you are with "Harmony in Duality." It's your chance to discover the magic that happens when you integrate your light and shadow, just like the magic that unfolds throughout July and the entire year.

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