Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

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Our Soul Care subscription box features products intended to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Each month we will change out the theme of the box and its contents.

This month's theme is all about manifesting money, because let's face it, who couldn't use a little extra cash flow in their life, right? There's no denying the connection between wealth and well-being. When we have financial stability in our lives we are able to cultivate joy and operate in our highest energy. As we embrace the vibrant energies of spring, it's the perfect time to plant the seeds of abundance and watch them bloom into financial prosperity.

In your manifesting money box, you'll discover:

- Money Drawing T-Lite Candle Set: Light up these handcrafted candles to illuminate your path towards financial success and attract wealth. This Money Drawing T-Lite Candle Set sets the stage for attracting money and abundance, infusing your space with the energy of prosperity through candle magic.

- Mini Rose of Jericho: This tiny powerhouse of a plant symbolizes resilience and growth, perfect for manifesting a fresh start in your financial endeavors. This Mini Rose of Jericho embodies the spirit of growth and renewal, urging you to embrace new financial opportunities and bloom like the spring flowers.

- Pyrite Cluster: Known as the stone of luck and abundance, this sparkly gem is here to amplify your prosperity mindset and bring in positive vibes. This Pyrite Cluster acts as a lucky charm, attracting wealth and success while boosting your confidence in your financial endeavors.

- Handmade Prosperity and Abundance Pendant: Wear this handmade pendant as a stylish reminder to focus on abundance in all areas of your life, including your bank account! This Handmade Prosperity and Abundance Pendant serves as a fashionable talisman, encouraging you to radiate abundance and attract prosperity effortlessly.

- Gold Prosperity Bill: A symbolic representation of wealth and prosperity to help you visualize financial abundance.

  - Jackpot Money Soap: Wash away financial worries and welcome a clean slate of prosperity. 

So, as you embrace the blooming flowers and new beginnings of spring, let this manifesting money box be your guide to cultivating a mindset of financial abundance and prosperity. May your wallet be full and your heart be light as you step into a season of wealth and well-being!

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