28 Days of Self-Love Affirmations

Self-Love is the New Self-less


You may be seeing self-love mottos and posts everywhere nowadays. I know I have, and I’m here for it. As a collective the energy seems to be shifting towards pouring back into ourselves after so many years of pouring into everyone else and running on E. I’m sure we all know by now that relationships in all forms can be flighty. We have developed and dissolved relationships with folks for reasons, seasons, and lessons. But the one constant relationship we will have throughout life will be the relationship with ourselves. It’s time we pour into this relationship and make it tighter than Barack and Michelle. Side note: Happy Black History Month!

Unconditional Love for Self

What does unconditional self-love look like to you? To me, it means showing up for myself when I find every excuse to neglect myself. It means showing love and kindness to myself even when I know I didn’t do my best. It means forgiving myself for my past mistakes and acknowledging that I am learning and growing each day. Unconditional self-love to me looks like reminding myself how beautiful I am when I look in the mirror, “flaws” and all. 

Ask yourself what self-love means to you. If you need a little help, think about one of the more challenging days of your recent past. What support did you need that day? What could someone have said to help you get through it? What could you have done for yourself that would have made it better? All of your answers to these questions can assist you in defining what unconditional self-love means for you. Recognize that you have the power to say all the things you wish you heard to yourself. You have the power to take those steps to improve your day for yourself. It’s a task, I know, but I also know that you are capable of making it through 100% of your worst days. How do I know? Well, because here you are reading this article.

Recognize the Power in YOU

 “Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.” -Beyonce

Did you know that you are the only person on this planet that can be you? Take a moment to realize the gravity of that statement. You are the only person that can be you, like you! Just recognizing the uniqueness of who you are should be reason enough to love yourself unconditionally.

Self-Love Through Self-Doubt

Studies show that affirmations are more effective with people with higher self-esteem. People with lower self-esteem have a more challenging time reading affirmations and believing them to be true. This may be true, but the fact of the matter is that no matter where your self-esteem is, you deserve to be affirmed. Whether you believe it or not, say these affirmations anyway.

Here’s where faking it till you make it comes in handy! Studies also show that the more we repeat information, the more we start to believe it. The more you tell yourself that you are worthy, the more worthy you will see yourself. The more you tell yourself you are the sexiest person on the planet, the more you will see yourself as the chip and the dip…the beans and the rice…the peanut butter and the jelly…okay, I’ll stop and go get something to eat, but you see what I’m saying! Repeat it until you believe it.


Let’s Get to the Affirmations!

Day 1: I am worthy and deserving of love in its most beautiful forms.

Day 2: The love I have for myself is capable of moving mountains.

Day 3: love myself the way I want to be loved by others.

Day 4: I love myself the way I am, as I am.

Day 5: I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.

Day 6: I am allowed to put myself first.

Day 7: I forgive myself for my past mistakes.

Day 8: I am gentle with myself.

Day 9: I am responsible for my own happiness.

Day 10: I am deserving of an abundant life full of happiness, joy, and love.

Day 11: I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am.

Day 12: I am filled with joy when I look in the mirror.

Day 13: I am loved for who I am.

Day 14: I am at peace when I am alone.

Day 15: I am grateful for the health of my body and mind.

Day 16: I am worthy.

Day 17: I enjoy taking care of myself.

Day 18: I appreciate the uniqueness of my body.

Day 19: I don’t entertain things that don’t entertain me.

Day 20: I respect and honor the boundaries that I have set for my peace, joy, and safety.

Day 21: I attract people of value because I am a person of value.

Day 22: I listen to my body and what it needs.

Day 23: I have created a beautiful life for myself.

Day 24: I enjoy spending time with myself.

Day 25: I allow myself to evolve, unapologetically.

Day 26: I am loved and appreciated by those around me.

Day 27: I free myself from negativity.

Day 28: I matter.

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