30-Day Mantras To Manifesting Miracles In 2023

Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift. – Oprah Winfrey 

Happy New Year 

Hello, 2023. It's time to create significant shifts, tap into our intuition, and manifest miracles.

Oprah couldn't have predicted that her quote from many years ago would be so relevant in 2023. The significant year of the number lucky 7, which is about letting go of the past and creating a beautiful future.

2022 was a six-year, which mainly focused on building new relationships and creating stronger ones with the people we have in our lives. But 2023, a 7-year, is about focusing a vast majority looking inside yourself to create the shifts you desire most. The seeds you planted in 2022 will also begin to bear fruit in 2023. If you have yet to plant any or wish to, this is definitely the year to do so.

The evolving shift!

Since 2020, millions have had to acclimate to a new way of living. Fear being the most relevant of emotions. Throughout 2021 and 2022, a cleansing has begun. The smoke cleared, and we realized we could survive just about anything if we stayed strong and collectively bound together. You may have found yourself digging much deeper within and asking yourself, "what can I do differently."

This awareness on your part and that of millions of others have made us stronger individually and as a society. But this article is about YOU! How can you take our 2023, lucky number 7 energy and become fully aware and engaged in your own significant manifestations and desires? How can you make your goals a reality? 

Goals for 2023

Make Self-care Your Biggest and Ultimate Priority

We are constantly told that being "selfish" is a bad thing. But 2023 begs you to do, be, and create that magnificent "self" energy. It is time to build your spiritual energy up so high and strong that your physical energy catches up day by day. It is utterly amazing how that works. The question of how always comes up, though. How do I do this?

Become Clear By Focusing

The more your focus on your internal growth in 2023, the luckier you will become. The adage "the harder I work, the luckier I become" is true. 2023 will increase the demand that we work hard to manifest our goals. This is the very reason why doing daily mantras, meditating, and working on yourself will make you stronger and rid you of the subconscious weakness that lies within.

One With Oneself

The diffuse energy of 7 begs us to go inward, stay quiet, slow down, and "be" with ourselves. Study, analyze, ask questions, and day by day, move forward in building our spiritual energy as we peel the layers of negativity from our thoughts.

Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition is a central theme of the 7 year, and learning to trust yourself more instinctually is a big part of this. Make a point to follow your gut more often, and if you have trouble listening to it, then focus on getting more in touch with your instincts. They know what's right for you. 7 also brings a beautiful balance between intellect and spirit—the seen and the unseen. The power of the 7 is its ability to bridge the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain. 

Queendom Cultivation Tribe Vibe

One of the most beautiful aspects of working at Queendom Cultivation is knowing how powerful thoughts can be and how we can manifest what we want and desire by shifting our perceptions. Owner and visionary, Jazmine Danielle felt called to share her deep understanding of Mother Earth and the natural healing tools which inhabit her Queendom.

We wear our gemstones daily, stay positive and work toward our goals and dreams. Being in the Queendom Cultivation environment makes it easier for us because we understand the power of living our best life and staying positive and that we can shift our energy from negative to positive at any given moment. We want to share this with you, so you understand that you have everything you need to make your life enjoyable and powerful and understand how meaningful you genuinely are in 2023.

Every day we are given an opportunity to start again, and the day is fresh to wake up, kick ass, be kind, and manifest the perfect day

By doing this 30-Day Mantra To Manifesting Miracles, you will begin to shift your mind and energy toward creating a super-powerful mindset. Five minutes every morning, afternoon, or evening is all it takes.

MOST IMPORTANT: Mark these mantras in your calendar every day for the next 30 days to go off at a specific time of the day that works best for you to get quiet and focus. If you're not an early riser, pick a specific time every day and set that time in stone.


Mantras Do Manifest Miracles. Let’s GO!!!

Day 1: I have 365 positive days starting today.

Day 2: I AM a pillar of strength and clarity for others.

Day 3: I will let my intuition flow today.

Day 4: I am at perfect peace today.

Day 5: I know my worth today and every day.

Day 6: I will frequently pause today and appreciate the moment.

Day 7: I am strong, I am capable, and I am kind

Day 8: I choose to focus on solutions

Day 9: I radiate and attract positive energy

Day 10: Today will be a fantastic day.

Day 11: Tough times don't last, but my inner strength does.

Day 12: I'm fearless to be great.

Day 13: I am capable, strong, and believe in myself.

Day 14: My intention creates my reality; today, I choose to stay focused.

Day 15: I choose to let go of any anger I am still holding onto. 

Day 16: I am not afraid to chase my dreams.

Day 17: Being excellent doesn't require perfection, just intention.

Day 18: I will wish for it and then work for it.

Day 19: I am the most important project to work on daily.

Day 20: Nothing will work unless I do "the work."

Day 21: Today is the perfect day to believe in blessings.

Day 22: I AM enough because I AM.

Day 23: I am on my path.

Day 24: I may slow down, but I will not stop.

Day 25: I have a beginner's mind and focus on what I can do.

Day 26: I speak the language of love.

Day 27: I honor my boundaries today and every day from this moment.

Day 28: I trust myself.

Day 29: This moment is my moment, my joy.

Day 30: I embrace my authority and strength.

Every morning symbolizes the rebirth of your life, so forget all of yesterday's bad moments and make today the most beautiful day of your life. - Buddhist Saying -

Keep in mind that mornings start the day, so you may wish to create that specific time in the AM to begin the day in a positive vibrational mode.

Live your life daily with passion, compassion, love, and strength. The Universe will always grant you what you think and wish. Make sure it's positive because you truly deserve to be happy.

Enter the Queendom here and start manifesting your perfect 2023.

Much love from your Queendom Cultivation family.l