9 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

Your intuition is your strongest weapon.

It’s literally designed to protect you from anything or anyone that is misaligned with your energy. It gives you the ability to understand or know something immediately without conscious reasoning. It’s that gut feeling that creates discomfort in the body and that nagging thought that won’t leave you alone. Intuition is a natural human ability that helps you make quick decisions, assess situations, and respond to them without necessarily knowing why.

Your intuition is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. When you don’t use it you can sometimes find yourself in less than desirable circumstances. You may hear a lot of talk about the Third Eye chakra and the importance of keeping your third eye open. The Third Eye chakra is the energy center that powers our perception and discernment; and while it is so important to have open, it’s more important to have balanced. An imbalanced Third Eye chakra will have you falling for the okey-doke. You know the saying “stay woke”.

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Stay woke means to stay alert, informed, and aware. By strengthening your Third Eye chakra and leaning more on your intuition, you will be amazed at what you KNOW, just by trusting your inner voice.

To use your intuition, it is essential to trust your instincts and be open to your inner voice.

So How Do You Strengthen Your Intuition?

1. Pay attention to your body

Your body can give you important signals and sensations that you should pay attention to. For instance, a sinking feeling in your stomach could be a sign that something is not right.

2. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness helps to quiet the mind and improve your ability to be present in the moment. This can help you better tune into your intuition and pick up on subtle signals.


    3. Listen to your inner voice

    Your intuition often speaks to you through your inner voice. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and instincts, and trust your judgment.

    4. Practice decision-making

    Making decisions, both big and small, can help you build confidence in your intuition. Start with simple decisions, and gradually work your way up to more significant choices.

    5. Practice active listening

    Intuition is often based on subtle cues and unspoken communication. By actively listening to the words and tone of those around you, you can begin to pick up on these cues and strengthen your intuitive abilities.

    6. Trust your gut

    Even if you can't explain why you feel a certain way, trust your instincts. Over time, by listening to your intuition and acting on it, you will begin to develop a better understanding of your own intuition.

    7. Meditate

    Meditation can help you quiet your mind and tune into your inner voice. By regularly practicing mindfulness and meditation, you can strengthen your intuition and better connect with your inner self.

      8. Pay attention to your dreams

      Dreams can be a powerful source of intuitive insight. Keep a dream journal and record your dreams each morning. Over time, you may begin to notice patterns or themes that can provide valuable insights into your waking life.

      9. Seek out new experiences

      Intuition is often strengthened by exposure to new people, places, and ideas. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. By expanding your horizons, you can open yourself up to new sources of intuitive insight.


        If something doesn't feel right, then something probably isn't right. Allow yourself to be led by spirit and trust your most powerful weapon.

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