Advent Calendar Day 6 (2023)

Advent Calendar Day 6 (2023)

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    Black Onyx

    1. Protection: Black Onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energies, making it an excellent stone for protection against negativity and psychic attacks.

    2. Grounding: It has a grounding effect that helps to anchor and stabilize your energy, enabling you to stay connected to the present moment and the physical world.

    3. Inner Strength: Black Onyx is associated with enhancing inner strength and perseverance. It is believed to provide support during challenging times and help you overcome obstacles.

    4. Self-Mastery: This stone is often used to promote self-mastery and self-control. It can assist in releasing unwanted habits or patterns, allowing you to make positive changes in your life.

    5. Intuition and Wisdom: Black Onyx is thought to stimulate intuition and enhance spiritual insight. It can help you connect with your inner wisdom and access deeper levels of understanding.

    Associated Chakra: Root (1st), Third Eye (6th)

    8 products
    Black Onyx
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