2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2024 New Year Intention Candle
Step into the power of the new year with our incredible 2024 New Year Candle. Proceeds from every purchase of our 2024 New Year intention candle will be donated to The Shade Tree for the month of December.
25 Days of Crystals Advent Calendar
Inside the Queendom Cultivation advent calendar, you'll find 25 unique crystals that are as beautiful as you.

Gift with Intention This Holiday Season

Deluxe Herb Cleansing Bundle
Diversify your herb cleansing collection with 6 powerful energy clearing herbs. Kit comes equipped with a wafting feather, abalone shell, and cleansing instructions.
7 Chakra Aromatherapy Mist Set
Made with organic essential oils, reiki, prayer and intention.

Balance your chakras with our high vibrational energy balancing mists.
Queendom Cultivation E-Gift Card
Gift with intention, but also with the freedom to allow your loved one to choose what speaks to their spirit.
Labradorite Pendant
Labradorite is a protection stone to aid in visualization and healing emotional states. It is known to help provide clarity and insight into difficult situations, while promoting mental and emotional balance
Money Magnet Bundle