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Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Monthly Soul Care Subscription Box

Regular price $50.00
Our Soul Care subscription box features products intended to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Each month we will change out the theme of the box and its contents. For the month of September our box is centered around balancing the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is our first energy center in our energy body. It works to establish us upon the Earth. It is our connection to stability, grounding, and survival. The Root Chakra holds us in our bodies and when it is blocked we are not grounded, we may feel disconnected from self, and we find it difficult to feel safe and secure.
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From our customers


Great crystal selection, nice little herbal selection, decent prices, great all around shop. Everyone working there are extremely kind, knowledgeable, and helpful without hovering or being pushy. Their wire wrapping is also really nice. This shop is highly recommended.

Dexter N.

This shop has me coming back all the time just because of the energy alone. Everyone working at this shop has a positive attitude and they know what they are talking about. They have a wide selection of crystals, tarot cards, books and other great services!!! I only buy my crystals from Queendom Cultivation now (and trust me I've tried every other crystal shop in Vegas but none of them come close to Q.C.) because of their high quality and value. I wish this business all the success and support because they truly deserve it!!! Thanks for keeping the energy consistent and being very genuine people!!! Love you guys!!!

Jennifer N.

Absolutely the best place ever!!!!! Once I click the website the energy brought me through the door. I love the selection, the assistance, knowledge and finally the aura reading!!!

Amanda P.

I had never been to a Black-owned metaphysical store, and my trip here was like returning home. I felt at peace and like I belonged, like the space was created just for me. The smell of incense permeated the air, and the energy was so pure.I was able to purchase a few crystals I was in search of, which came with crystal care instructions and a guide on burning herbs. They also have an online store so even if you are not local, you can support them. What a beautiful experience this was for me. I shall soon return!

Lara A.
Los Angeles, CA

I have been ordering my crystals solely from Queendom Cultivation for years now. I've never had an issue, products are always of high quality and customer service is phenomenal!!! Love this company!

Shaitice C.

Friendly and quick customer service! All good energy in here and prices are reasonable as well. Was recommended by another shop to come and was not disappointed! Definitely recommend 👌

Jerilyn J.

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