Reiki I Certification Course - In Person

Reiki I Certification Course - In Person

Reiki I Certification Course - In Person

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Join us in learning the ancient Japanese art of Reiki healing in our comprehensive Level 1 certification course. Learn the Usui Reiki techniques passed down by Dr. Mikao Usui and begin your journey to becoming your own healer.

In this in-person, 6-hour course, you will explore:

  • The history and philosophy of Reiki: Gain a deeper understanding of this powerful healing modality.

  • Reiki principles: Learn the five core ethical principles that guide Reiki practice.

  • Reiki lineage and heritage: Discover the lineage of Reiki and its rich tradition.

  • Meditation practices: Cultivate inner peace and focus through Gassho meditation.

  • Chakra balancing: Understand the energy centers of the body and their role in healing.

  • Reiki attunement: Receive a sacred attunement to enhance your ability to channel Reiki energy.

  • Ancestral Connection: Learn how to incorporate your ancestry into your practice

  • Reiki hand positions: Learn effective hand placements for self-treatment and treating others.

  • Practice and discussion: Gain hands-on experience and ask questions in a supportive environment.

  • Snacks provided, bring your own lunch.

  • Reiki I certification awarded upon completion.

This course is perfect for:

  • Beginners with no prior experience in Reiki.

  • Those seeking self-healing and personal growth.

  • Individuals interested in exploring holistic healing modalities.

Please note:

  • This certification allows for self-treatment and treating others but not professional practice.

  • Reiki II certification is required to practice professionally.

Start your Reiki journey. Enroll today!

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